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“Power lies, where we believe it resides”

Dt.Eti Aggarwal is the founder of Fitness chakra online clinic for healthy lifestyle, which is a platform offering comprehensive health and diet management Exercise Programme, she used to treat her patients with the combination of diet and naturopathy, love to follow ancient therapy or you can say procedure. She is A Certified Dietitian, Naturopath, and a professional Acupressure Ayurveda expert having thorough knowledge of Ayurveda treatments like Panchkarma therapy and full body acupressure points. Have excellent 6 years professional experience in treating Overweight, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthmatics, Thyroid and Cervical patients and other medical conditions too. Also, worked with a lot of reputed Gyms as a freelance Diet counselor.

Worked as Naturopath and counselor with Naturopathy and Ayurveda centers in full time and freelance as well, treating patients using various natural treatments such as “Chromo therapy” and “Mud therapy”. A dynamic professional qualified as Naturopath from Gandhi National Academy and a certified Dietician from I.G.N.O.U New Delhi and Advanced Diet Exercise Programme me from BFY Fitness Institute.

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